CPQ Proof / Product Creation Policy

(Customer information is maintainted seasonally)

Seasonal Cut off Dates

Jan.1st for Spring | Jun.1st for Summer | Aug.15th for Fall | Nov.15th for Christmas

Before the cut off date for each season, CPQ requires:

  • All Proof / PrePay layout changes for existing customers.
  • A list of all proofs / products to be offered for the season.
    (including School information for: Proofs, ID cards, MemoryMates, Groups, Composites, etc.)
  • All package contents and pricing changes.
  • All customer software updates including (ROES, SimplePhoto, DP2(lab production), CPQLink, Flow).

  • New Customers

    At any time, a new customer may request proofs/products with their inital account setup.
    New customers must allow a 2 week period to complete production setup. During that 2-week period:

  • All prep work is completed.
    (including product design and workflow designation to ensure the most efficient process for both the customer and the lab)
  • Digital Images will be emailed to the customer for approval.
    (if revisions need to be made or if a hard copy is requested this may extend the time needed for completion)
  • Products will be put into ordering software (ROES, SimplePhoto, etc...) if needed.

  • Customer Artwork

    Artwork supplied by the customer must be a layered, fully editable PSD and meet product size requirements set by CPQ (Please ask CPQ for exact product size before creating PSD). Press Products must have a bleed area of 1/8th inches for cutting (an 8.5x11 should be sized 8.75 x 11.25 with room for cutting, for example). CPQ may also need to add elements to the design for functionality (such as borders, reference numbers, etc...) and additional space should be planned for in advance. Fonts in the PSD must be included as separate files. Products using Variable Text that require specific fonts must be submitted at the beginning of the season. This is a one time submission of fonts (per season) that allows the lab to install the fonts supplied by the customer on necessary printers. Additional fonts cannot be added mid-season. (Font install dates are Jan 1st, Aug 15th.) New artwork for products such as Press Proofs that make references to other new product offerings need to be submitted together as a group. This will allow CPQ to test the proof and all products, resolving any issues before the orders from the proof arrive.

    Submitting Artwork

    Customers will need to complete the form provided by their customer service representative and must be approved by management before products are created. Customers may contact customerservice@cpq.com for any inquiries.
    Customer Service will relay information between the customer and design team regarding updates, new products, removing old items, etc.

    Proof / Product Design

    Initial custom proof design is $75 per proof, with 2 edit sessions allowed within the approval process.
    Additional proof edits are $12.50 per re-design session.
    Updates to existing proofs are $12.50 for minor updates, and $37.50 for package content and graphic changes.
    A minor update would be a small change to an existing proof; Such as changing an address, phone number, etc.
    Proof and product changes that must occur because CPQ no longer offers something once featured in your price list will be corrected at no charge.
    After approval, the PSD is shared with the customer via DropBox, and the customer is responsible for archiving.
    Customers integrating their products/graphics into our production system have an inital setup fee of $12.50 per product.
    Customers requesting design work from CPQ for customer specific products will be charged $25.00 per product.
    Customers may use ROES/SimplePhoto Products in the current catalog at no design charge and make suggestions that will be considered for future updates.

    Missing the Deadlines

    Work received before the cut off date will be completed and ready to use in 3 to 5 days from submission. Minor updates and edits may be completed in as few as 1 to 2 days. Work received after the cut off date may take up to 14 days to complete, you may add a Rush charge to your submission to have the work expedited and completed in as few as 3 days. All customers will receive an e-mail or phone call from customer service alerting them when their products become available, and instructions on where to find them and how to use them.

    Thank You, CPQ Professional Imaging

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