• Heavy-duty yet economical mounting option
  • Heavyweight dry mount board
  • Triple weight for 5x7 through 11x14 prints
  • Not available for sizes larger that 11x14
  • Due to the nature of fiber-based board, some warping may occur
  • Styrene

  • Economical yet superior mounting substrate
  • One of the best substrates available
  • 2mm plastic mounting board
  • Comes in standard white

  • Foam Board

  • Economical mounting solution
  • 3/16' thickness for extra support
  • Due to the slightly unfinished rough edge of foam board, this product is best suited for framing

  • Masonite

  • Your print is applied to the smooth side of 1/8" Masonite
  • Sizes 30x30 and up are mounted on 1/4" Masonite
  • For mounting larger sizes up to 48x96, call for a quote

  • Ultraboard

  • Print is applied to high density foam core with Styrene face sheet
  • Lightweight substrate
  • Heavy-duty 3/16' black board sizes up through 40x60
  • For mounting larger sizes up to 48x96, call for a quote

  • Canvas Panel

  • We use the best quality canvas available in the industry
  • Prints larger than 30x40 must be mounted on masonite
  • Custom sizes available with a $10 cut fee

  • Surface Modifications

    Take your prints to the next level with our varitety of surface modifications. All prices are in addition to print price. Default coating is Lustre coating if unspecified. Prints requesting brush texture must be mounted.

    Protective Coating

    As well as enhance the appearance of your prints, Lustre Coating and Gloss Laminate protect prints from scratches and other damage.

    Finishing Textures

    We offer several textures - brush, crackle, Irish linen, linen, palette knife, and pebble. There textures enchance your prints with added effect.

    Brush Texture
    Project Image
    Palette Knife Texture
    Project Image
    Pebble Texture
    Project Image
    Crackle Texture
    Project Image
    Irish Linen Texture
    Project Image
    Linen Texture
    Project Image